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Jessie the Diver

There was much strange news that came out at the time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, which, now 100 years later, seemed weird and hilarious to us. But there’s a reason for all these things. After all, it was a dark and chaotic time in the 21st century. Jessie the diver, is one of those weirdos.

Jessie is called the diver because of her iconic look – a woman in a working suit with a diving helmet over her head. When a video of her titled A Freak in NYC got trended on twitter, showing a person with a diving helmet walking down the street of Manhattan, it was the 4th year since WHO officially claimed that COVID-19 is not a global pandemic anymore. Life was getting back to normal at that time, and no case was reported for a whole year. No doubt people found this video ridiculous. More information about the helmet person was leaked – the name’s Jessie, and she was an office worker who lived in New York City before and after the pandemic. More than one of her colleagues and neighbors confirmed that she’s been acting like this every day for a while.

As Jessie claimed in every interview, she used this helmet to protect herself from the toxic air. Why did you say the air is toxic? People asked. Because there’s coronavirus everywhere, said Jessie.

According to Emily, Jessie’s close friend, Jessie probably became obsessed with masks during her quarantine time. After ten months stuck at home with the fear of getting infected, Jessie had totally convinced herself that this pandemic is never going to pass; humanity has to live with coronavirus forever. Even when she went back to work, her mind was deeply buried in this theory. She insisted wearing masks every day on her way to work, and even refused to take it off after stepping into her office. She also used alcohol pads to wipe every surface around her wherever she went and always kept 12 feet away when talking to people.

At some point, masks and goggles and alcohol pads could not fulfill Jessie’s demand. She tried gas masks and eventually purchased a diving helmet on Amazon.

Jessie’s unusual behavior certainly aroused worries among her family and friends. Emily could recall at least three times getting involved in fights between Jessie and her parents. In the end, they all gave up, believing their daughter’s insane and hopeless.

After the trending video, Jessie did many interviews and was invented to some shows. She still wore her helmet in public and insisted she was doing this only because of concerning her health. Some people questioned that her act was trying to seek publicity. Jessie became furious when she noticed that people didn’t believe in her and saw her as a joke. She stopped showing up in public and lived a secluded life in her apartment, rarely came outside. Two years later, she was reported missing – the police found her apartment empty without any sign of violence.

No one knows where Jessie went. She probably finally found a place safe and clean to live on. They say she bought a submarine boat and thus lived under deep sea, just like the captain in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

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