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  • Junyu Lin

090903 - A Short Animation

It was a heavy rainy day. 090903 was riding on a motorbike doing his delivery job. He has been working all day, even no time having dinner. At 9 pm, 090903 was working on his final order. He departed from a dessert store to deliver a box of cake.

The rain got heavier and heavier. The road was slippery, and 090903 was driving in a hurry.

At the corner of the street, his motorbike slipped and fell over completely. 090903 fell to the ground. He quickly got up and fumbled under the dim light of his motorbike, searching for the box. The box also fell out and was soaked; he picked it up anyway. 090903 turned to the motorbike, tried to restart its engine. But somehow it didn’t work.

Simultaneously, 090903’s goggle’s screen showed that he only had 3 minutes to deliver this order. The screen time countdown turned into red and started flashing. The white light on the motorbike’s dashboard is also flashing. 090903 was twisting and punching violently at his motorbike, still trying to restart it. Rain and sweat running down his face. Red number flashing faster and faster, 090903 twisting and punching faster and faster, the rain was heavier and heavier, and suddenly all lights on the dashboard went out. Its engine stalled. The red number on 090903’s screen also turned into a big black word: TIMEOUT.

090903 froze. It was so quiet all of a sudden, except for the sound of nonstop rain. After a few seconds, the screen showed there was a new call from the customer. 090903 startled and picked up his phone.

A furious voice was roaring through the call. 090903 replied with sorry, sorry and sorry, trying to explain the situation. He paced around his motorbike uncertainly while talking on the call. Finally, he guaranteed that he would place another same order for the customer.

“Yes. Yes. I’ll pay. Thank you. I’m so sorry. Thank you. Have a good night.”

The call ended. 090903 took off his goggle, opened the food delivery app and placed the same order. When checking out, his finger lingered at the price (not cheap) for a second, and then pressed. A few minutes later, seeing on the screen that another delivery man had picked up at store, 090903 let out a sigh of relief. He sat down on the street side, looked up aimlessly.

It was less rainy. 090903’s eyes rested on the soaked box. Right at the moment, his stomach rumbled. He opened the box. There was cream everywhere and a distorted cake lay down here. 090903’s phone rang again. On the lock screen it showed Sis was calling. He answered the call.

“Happy birthday! Sorry for calling so late. Just got back from work. How are you? Did you get a birthday cake and hung out with friends?” A female voice said.

“Thanks, sis.” 090903 replied. He paused a second, then said, “Yes. I just ordered one.”

The last scene shows 090903 sitting on the street alone, eating this cake.

Character Design:

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